Force And Motion Important MCQs

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the realm of physics with our Force and Motion quiz!

Challenge your understanding of the fundamental principles that govern the dynamics of objects in motion. Whether you’re a physics enthusiast or just curious to test your knowledge, this quiz offers a captivating exploration into the forces that shape our world.

Get ready to engage, learn, and uncover the secrets of motion in a way that’s both educational and fun!


#1. An example of an inertial reference frame is:

#2. An object moving at constant velocity in an inertial frame must:

#3. In SI units a force is numerically equal to the ____, when the force is applied to it.

#4. Which of the following quantities is NOT a vector?

#5. Acceleration is always in the direction:

#6. The term “mass” refers to the same physical concept as:

#7. The inertia of a body tends to cause the body to:

#8. The mass of a body:

#9. The mass and weight of a body:

#10. A feather and a lead ball are dropped from rest in vacuum on the Moon. The acceleration of the feather is:


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