MGT301 Quiz 2 Important MCQs


#1. In the general needs description of the buying process, the buyer describes the characteristics and quantity of the needed item.

#2. In habitual buying behavior, consumers are often involved in brand switching.

#3. Marketing research is conducted to systematically design, collect, and report data directly relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the organization.

#4. The newer the buying task, and the more complex and costly the item, the lesser the amount of time the buyer will spend searching for suppliers.

#5. Gatekeepers have formal or informal power to select or approve the final suppliers.

#6. Marketers all agree that questionnaires are the most common research instrument.

#7. Alternative evaluation is how the consumer processes information to arrive at brand choices. Consumers do not use a simple and single evaluation process in all buying situation.

#8. A company buying a product or service for the first time faces a new task situation.

#9. A belief is basically a person's thought process which is not backed by the knowledge rather depends on the faith.

#10. After carefully questioning your major suppliers and resellers, you ascertain they do not form important sources of intelligence information for marketing decision making.

#11. Once the research problems and objectives have been defined, researchers must determine the exact information needed and present it to management.

#12. Decision of a single participant is enough in the business buying process.

#13. A dissonance-reducing buying behavior is designed to probe consumers' hidden, subconscious motivations.

#14. In a straight rebuy, the buyer wants to alter product specifications, prices, terms, or suppliers.

#15. During proposal solicitation, the buying center often will draw up a list of desired supplier attributes and their relative importance.

#16. Derived demand means that the demand of an organization is dependent on consumer demand.

#17. Most businesses that manufacture products for the consumer market also sell directly to consumers.


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